My name is Wolfgang Baitz, - I life in Frakfurt am Main - Germany.


  Among others I am a bookwriter. 

I am looking for a nice beautiful shemale who will support produce my latest book "Man between two Worlds" as video in German and English language - imagine this to be similar to karaoke. 

After producing this book as videos (units of about 20-30 minutes) in German and English language my plan is to give this videos

                                       for free to the public  

via my youtube channel - the money will come in by google-advertising. That is why our part in the game will NOT be selling something. 

The title of "Man between two Worlds" has two meanings:

         (1) A man between heteros and shemales world.

         (2) A man between real world and spiritual world. 

"Man between two worlds" is a novel - basing on my adventurous life - a novel - not an autobiography.
Among others "Man between two Worlds" is teaching Buddha-conciousness between the lines - making readers curious learn more about.

"Man between two Worlds" will change the bad reputation of the shemales to good one - that will it make much easier for all of you to find a serious love-reation in the future. 

Take yourself:
You are a VERY beautiful (intelligent looking) shemale - you are more than six month on ladyboykisses - you did have a lot of visitors - so why are you still surching for your soulmate? 
Maybe you have the wrong parameters?

A proverb from ancient India says:
"Stupidity is: To do the same again and again and expect other results to happen."
Got my point?
See my books as e-books at worlds greatest bookseller Amazon. The books do not sell well because Amazon does not advertise books - they just sell what is asked for.