Some of you have asked me about my offer to take one or some of you as business-Partners. I thought about how to explain that - and because one of my professions is "professional webdesigner" the idea to explain via a website was close. This gives me chance to explain it one time only - in better quality as if I would have to explain same thing again and again.


Please wait asking questiones until I ask you to do that. Thank you for reading so far.




"Man between two Worlds?" is a novel - basing on my own adventurous and unusual life. The book is NOT an autobiography - it's a novel and it should be read as a novel.  



"Man between two Worlds?" starts with a prologue:


In the year 1972 - 42-year-old Volker Bergs has been travelling to Hongkong first time in his life. As he is strolling with a male travel-companion along famous Moody Road they meet two very beautiful ladies.


Volker and his companon follow the girls in a Jazzclub where they invite Kim and Mei for a drink. After "Hello - how are you - where you come from - and such talk" Volker dances very close with Kim - a very hot dancing - which makes Volker want to spend the nigt with this exciting lady.


As Volker invites the ladies to change over o the disco of the famous Stanton Hotel - Kim answeres: "Yes - we would like that - but before we go I must tell you a secret" - than she wispers in his ear "We are men".


Volker is a man who likes to try - but not his companion. That's why Volker cannot spend this night with beautiful Kim.




Now in the age of 72 - Volker thinks about the life he has lived and wonders how different this life would have been if he would have spent that night with the exciting shemale in the year 1972.




End of the pologue.