About Ladyboykisses:


Ladyboy Kisses is something like a department store. And you have set yourself as a product there. Imagine the situation of a man like me. So many beautiful shemales. How to choose the right one?


Before you answer this question you should realize that the eye is the deceptive of our senses.


I have learned in a Tantra-seminar about this.


The end of a Tantra-seminar is a "dark silent night" - all participnts are in a very dark room, wear eyeballs and are not allowed to talk all night. Just usimg the other sences: 


Smell, feel, touch each other, kiss each other and more.


Next morning shows lovers who would had never been coming together by looking pictures of each other. That is why Ladyboy kisses can be good for first contact only - but real life takes place in real world ...


Think about this  than you will understand why so many complaints about liars and cheaters on Ladyboykisses.