I am looking for an intelligent, good → very good english-speaking shemale, who wants to be my partner in producing my books as videos (units of 20-30 minutes each).

  1. This can be done in your home or

  2. in my home in case you do have a schengen-visa.

  3. it can be done by a group of good → very good english-speaking shemales also – in case they living in same area of your country.


I am an easy-going-man. I just need a place to work, a place to sleep (own room NOT nessesaray) and a stabile internet. I am not rich man, I can spend about 500 € per month.



Technical the job will be done by read the texts of my book aloud in a microphone – I do have „Dragon“ - language recognition software which will change our speaking into written text.


# 4.2


Man between two Worlds“ contents about 380 pages now – after me writing the last chapter – a happy end – it will become about 450 pages.

Our approach will be producing not the whole book at once - but units of approximately 20 to 30 minutes each and publish this units piece by piece on my youtoube-channel.

That is why money will come in after relatively short time. After this has happened we can move over into a more comfortable surrounding. 




We will publish the video-units step by step – maybe week by week – maybe other rhytm. Money will be coming in by Google-ads – they will make advertising before or around the video – as more people will click the ideos as more money will be coming in.

Man between two Wolds“ is a great book. It may become a Hollywood-movie later. This might become a million-dollar-business – maybe your best chance in this life.


Don't miss this chance – no money to invest from your side.